Hi Definition ‘Stochastic’ Printing

Advantages of Stochastic Printing

Stochastic Printing is equivalent to 500lpi.

When comparing Stochastic ( FM Screening ) over Conventional screen ( 150lpi – 175lpi ) you will notice the clarity it brings to images and small text – especially white text out of colours which are made up of tints of Full Colour. Hi Definition printing provides an overall sharper result.

Briefly How it Works

Stochastic printing uses FM (Frequency Modulated) screening as opposed to conventional printing, which uses ‘Angled Screen’ profiles.

Conventional printing uses screens with a profile to offset each colour dot using specific angles. Conventional angle profiles also use a larger ‘dot’ size, which will create a moire effect (rosette) due to the angle offset for each colour dot. FM screening uses a more scattered approach within the profile, and prints a much finer dot, providing more of a continuous tone – similar to a photograph. Shown here is an example of a magnified screen.


Improves the Look of Photographs

Photos look crisper and cleaner and in most cases HD Printing improves the overall look of photographs.