Builders/site boards

76270_158315047543328_572977_nSite/Builders Boards are a must for every Builder – Landscape Gardener – Roofing Contractor – Painter and Decorator – Window Fitter and every other type of company that carries out work on site.

You need to let people know who you are and who carried out the work.148722_158315027543330_7718966_n

We use three main types of board for this work. They are as follows

1. Corex – it is an economic, lightweight material. It has a cellular polypropylene extruded sheet. It is light, rigid, very cost effective and ideal for all kinds of applications. 4 mm thick and will not rot or swell like timber. It is constructed like corrugated cardboard with a hollow box tube centre but made from polypropylene not paper. It is totally waterproof as used by most Estate Agents as For Sale/Sold signs.

2. Foam PVC/Foamex – it is an economic, versatile and lightweight material. It has a fine cell structure with a smooth matt silk finish and high impact resistance. 5 mm thick and will not rot or swell like timber.

3. Alubond/Composite board – it is composite of a polyethylene core between two aluminium sheets, and coated with extra-durable PVDF (fluorocarbon resin) as a composite structure which features excellent characteristics. Panel thickness: 3mm, 4mm, 5mm or 6mm with the Aluminium foil thickness of 0.50mm, 0.40mm or 0.30mm. It will not rot or swell like timber.

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